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Chevrolet 55-043L
All INC. Z06, Left Rotor
List Price: $335.00
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Drilled and slotted
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*Plating on some models may be extra. Turnaround may take 3 weeks.

The SP Performance cross-drilled and slotted rotors are a unique design offering the best combination of cooling and out-gassing. The chamfer is unique as it has no edge. This is accomplished by the use of an outer radius curve rather than a countersink. With the radius curve, it virtually eliminates an edge on the surface of the hole. With no edge, there is less stress build up, thus reducing the chance of surface checking. This smooth surface also make the rotor more pad-friendly by reducing the wear of the pad caused by the friction scraping against a sharp edge.

With these rotors you will get maximum air circulation for increased cooling, increased brake pad bite, faster release of brake pad gases, improved wet-weather braking, reduced fade, and increased safety and reliability. We carry these in most styles... Cross-drilled, slotted, diamond cut, plain. Nickel plating can be added for an additional fee. The high performance rotors are made in the U.S.A. for any vehicle. Ask us more about these very high quality rotors and pads.

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