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THIS LISTING IS FOR A 94-95 THUNDERBIRD SC REBUILT ENGINE. IT IS BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL AND READY FOR INSTALLATION. HOWEVER, IF YOU HAVE AN ENGINE YOU WANT REBUILT, THAT CAN BE DONE AND QUOTED FOR YOU WITH YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. This engine comes complete with the following. 1. Bored 0.30 2. Speed pro Pistons 3. BHJ balancer 4. Fully balanced with automatic flex plate 5. Sized rods with ARP rod bolts. 6. ARP Head stud kit. 7. Fully rebuilt and milled SC Heads. 8. Comp Cams 44-701-9 Grind 259HR115 Advertised Lift (Intake 259) (Exhaust 271) @.050 (Intake 204) (Exhaust 216)With 1.6 Rocker (Intake 480) (Exhaust 480) Lobe Separation Angle 115* 9. Comp Lifters 10.Scorpion 7.250 Pushrods 11.Scorpion 1.73 Roller Rockers 12.Melling High Volume oil pump 13 Black Chrome powder coated oil pan. 14.Semi gloss black valve covers 15.Chrome powder coated intake manifold. 16.Polished Magnum Powers Mag II supercharger with plenum. 17.Spinning Wheels Power pulley. This engine is ready to run. It comes primed with oil so you won't have to worry about dry start. Comes with a one year 12,000 mile warranty. The engine builder is a perfectionist and who better to build your engine than a perfectionist! He also KNOWS THE SUPER COUPE VERY, VERY WELL. Do not hesitate to ask questions or request a quote for your engine. We will answer within 24 hours. There are NO FORD ENGINES LEFT IN THE USA. Not the 89-93 or the 94-95. Thanks for shopping with Spinningwheels-SC!
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