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This is a set of professionally ported competition heads for the Ford V-6 3.8L or 4.2L engine.(Make sure to look at all pictures) Here is some additional information to assist you. MAKE SURE TO VIEW ALL PICTURES!!!! * Professional porting; V6 cylinder Head * Stainless Exhaust valve 1.600 11/32 4.855 * Stainless Intake valve 1.900 11/32 4.855 * Crane 99833 Dual spring assembly * Crane 99096 locks 7^ 11/32 -.050 * Comp Cams 743 Steel Retainers 7^x3/8 * Comp Cams 4776 I.D. spring cup * PEP 343501 11/32 M/C .545 od valve seal, .343 x .500 Viton small od * Cut valve diameter * Machined spring seat * Valve spring shim 1.437 x .645 x .030 * Valve spring shim harden 1.437 x .645 x .015 We added guide plates and studs for easy installation of roller rockers, which added to our cost. If you need assistance, call Victor at 352-732-5013. These are a great set of heads for any of you Super Coupe enthusiasts! We can also match the cam for you too!
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