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Spinningwheels-SC EGR1
1989-93 EGR Bi-Pass Kit
New EGR Bi-Pass Kit.
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Detailed Description

This EGR BiPass Kit is a temporary solution for a vacuum leak due to a faulty or leaky EGR tube or to by-pass your egr temporarily until it can be turned off electronically by a tuner, scanner or whatever your choice. Ford Thunderbirds and XR7 1989-90 and other similar engines with EGR which consists of the tube and valve, have been discontinued by Ford. This is a simple solution in most cases. This is a do-it-yourself task and only takes about 45 minutes once the engine is cool! This can save you time and money. Note: Check emissions laws in your state and act accordingly. Sold "as Is". No warranty expressed or implied. This is also sold by other manufacturers as well.
Installation of this product is at your own risk. This is only a temporary solution.
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