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Magnum Powers LTRK-IDLBRK
Ford Lightning Idler Bracket - Special -
Ford Lightning Idler Bracket - Special Pricing -
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Detailed Description

Is Your Supercharger Belt Slipping or Losing Power? 

Spinningwheels-SC has the answer with our new Idler Bracket that increases belt wrap around the blower pulley by 45 degrees. This special Idler Bracket specially made by Magnum Powers replaces your original! The picture above shows its adjustable third idler post. The top post can be adjusted up close up under the supercharger pulley for maximum wrap and can accommodate blower pulleys of various diameters.

The Idler Bracket is installed with three 90mm Idler wheels which gives you the increased belt wrap, or an increase of 45 to 50 degrees. The Idler Bracket is compatible with the stock Eaton, Magnum Powers or other aftermarket superchargers and either stock or aftermarket 90mm idlers. This is an excellent price on sale for a limited time at SpinningWheels! - Please remember, if you need Tensioners and Tensioner Pulleys, we can provide them to you at your request. You need to email us and include the make, model and year of your car or truck and please include your eMail address and Zip code for shipping purposes. Note: We do not stock this item. It is shipped direct from the manufacturer. Please email us for availability and estimated time of shipping if you may not be able to wait. Thanks for your understanding. Thanks for shopping with Spinningwheels-SC, LLC

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