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Magnum Powers LTRK-CASE
Ford Lightning Supercharger Case
Ford F-150 Lightning Supercharger Case
List Price: $1,700.00
Your Price: $1,600.00
You Save: $100.00 (6 %)

Detailed Description

At Spinningwheels-SC we now offer a supercharger for the Ford F150 Lightning SVT that will maximize the power capabilities of your stock engine, and make huge power for those running a built motor, or have future plans to. Our supercharger reuses your Ford Lightning's Eaton rotors to save you money and provide years of trouble free service.

Just Check This Out!

  • Depending on your Lightning engine upgrades and fuel you can experience 460 rwhp to 600 rwhp, enough power to run in the 11's or 10's!
  • The unique Roots design offers much improved efficiency at high RPM compared to the Lightning's Eaton supercharger so it can be spun fast for high HP applications!
  • This supercharger requires less HP to drive then the Eaton Supercharger, resulting in much reduced air-charge temperatures and more power to the wheels!
  • Buy once and save! Why? Because this Supercharger for the Ford Lightning grows with you, if you ever decide to upgrade to a built motor the Magnum is there to produce huge HP by just spinning it faster!
  • The sound of the Magnum products we represent are a thrill to hear and some say that the unique sound they have makes is it all worth while and worth the price alone!
  • This extremely reliable supercharger comes with a 2-year warranty!

Remember, this is a SPECIAL price! The suggested list price is $1,700 which is less than half that of other aftermarket superchargers such as the Kenne Bell or Whipple which sell for upwards of $3000 or more!  Ours is selling right now for only regular price $1700.00 For the next two weeks $1245.00 plus shipping! Note: We do not stock this item. It is shipped direct from the manufacturer. Please email us for availability and estimated time of shipping in case you are unable to wait. Thanks for your understanding.

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