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Ford Lightning Supercharger Snout parts, needle bearings Kit
Ford Lightning Supercharger Snout parts, Needle bearings Refresh Kit
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Detailed Description

FORD LIGHTNING SUPERCHARGER REFRESH KIT Have you noticed your Eaton Supercharger making a rattling noise, or perhaps a grinding noise and maybe it's leaking oil? If your supercharger is over 100,000 miles old, it is time to give the old girl some new life. This kit is for the Eaton M112. Some superchargers are after-market and may need other or different parts. Please be sure what you have before you order. This applies to the Ford Lightning and Cobra Superchargers. This kit includes the following; ***Snout Coupler*** Front and Rear Snout Bearings***Snap ring***8 Oz. supercharger oil***Snout Oil seal***Open ended Needle bearings***Gasket Maker***and 8 oz. of Supercharger Oil***Rotor Pack Bearings and Seals*** ANY QUESTIONS WHATSOEVER, PLEASE ASK BEFORE YOU PURCHASE!!!
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