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Lentech Products and accessories
Lentech Products and accessories
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Not only do we sell Lentech's superior transmissions, torque converters, valve bodies and more, but they also offer a wide assortment of parts related to their excellent products. Just to mention a few; they carry Shift Levers, Input and Output Shafts, Clutch Cylinders, Speedo Gears, Flexplates, Adapters & Bell Housings, Oil Pans, Overhaul Kits, Planetary Gearsets, Wiring Kits and a number of reconditioned parts. You can even get yourself a Lentech T-Shirt or Baseball Cap with the Lentech Logo. Lentech also has great warranties because they stand strong behind all their products. For more information on availability and price, just email us and you will receive a response right away. Please make sure to include the details of your vehicle, including the make, model and year... Thanks! 

Spinningwheels-SC offer you a wide selection of Lentech Products. Below, you will find a Link to the price sheet with the various prices and the different variations for all Lentech Parts. As mentioned above, please call or send us an eMail with the product and the variation you've selected or are interested in. Once we've determined your needs together, according to your vehicle, we'll quote you the best price possible.  Please remember that the price list you'll see when you click the link below is subject to change depending on your vehicles specs and other variables. Thanks again!


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