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89-95 Thunderbird-SC Pressure Guage for Fuel Rail
89-95 Thunderbird-SC Fuel Pressure Gauge
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EFI Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit Performance Fuel Systems, Inc.™ Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit Maximize your electronic fuel injection system’s performance by utilizing an EFI Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit to easily monitor your vehicle’s fuel system pressure. This under hood application is especially handy to set fuel system pressures when using an adjustable pressure regulator. The EFI Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit is also a valuable tool when testing function of the fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, check valves and testing for system leaks and fuel injector leak down. Each EFI Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit contains a unique adapter fitting which simply screws onto the vehicles fuel system service port Schrader valve on the fuel rail or fuel line, depending on the application. The adapter fitting automatically activates the service ports internal valve mechanism so there is no need to remove the port’s internal release valve. All kits are light-weight, compact size and contain a 6061 T-6 aluminum adapter fitting, vibration-proof lightweight 0-100psi fuel pressure gauge with a 1 ½ inch dia. easy to read dial face and a 90 deg. swivel fitting to optimize viewing angle. Applications: Most common applications are; 3.8l Thunderbird Super Coupes, ’86-’95 5.0l Mustangs, ’96-98 Mustang GT 4.6 (16valve), 5.0l/5.7l Ford Trucks and Cars, ’84-’88 Ford 4cyl. Turbo, ’85-‘89
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