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Ford RES-1009
89-95 THUNDERBIRD-SC Restored Injestor Harness 89-93 or 94-95
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Detailed Description

We are now offering fully restored wire harnesses from your vehicle. To restore these, here is what is done; Remove all the old tape, conduit and vinyl covering. All connectors (plugs) are then removed. We inspect and repair wires if necessary. We test all wires to make sure there are not internal breaks. We then clean all the connectors and replace if broken. We install shrink-wrap in place of vinyl covering since it is far more flexible. We then install conduit. We then tape all conduit using 3M super-85 electrical tape. Heat shileds are installed as necessary. We also test the harnesses once they are completed. This item carries a 1 year parts and labor warranty. We would sell the item already done, but you would have to send your core in first. We cannot charge core fees because it does not work. We MUST have a core BEFORE we ship the item to you. We do ALL HARNESSES so you can always ask for a quote before hand. MAKE SURE TO SEE ALL PICTURES!
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